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Home Draws

East Side Clinical Laboratory performs Routine Home Draws  Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM for providers/practices which commit their regular patients to using ESCL as well.  No routine Home Draws are performed after hours or on weekends.

For further information on our Home Draw policy, please  see below. 

Notice to healthcare providers

To comply with government and private insurance companies, scheduling a prat home visit requires the following:

  • Appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis code to substantiation the test ordered
  • A written order signed by the ordering physician authorizing ESCL to schedule and preform the testing 
  • A new completed order form. A new order form must be completed, signed and return to ESCL via fax 401.455.8488 before the visit can be scheduled. 

ESCL will schedule the private home visit once the completed order form is received.  For your convenience a copy of this form may be downloaded here or fill out the form online below.

Scheduling is accommodated based on first availability unless the client requests a specific date and/or time. Visits to patients that require fasting blood work will be performed between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM Monday through Friday. The request for fasting blood work must be communicated to ESCL at the time of booking to ensure that the visit is performed during these hours.

ESCL values your patronage and will continue to provide quality service to you and your patients. 


Physician authorization for home visit and test order

In order to provide house call services, please provide all information.